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Island Vista Resort

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Island Vista Video Center

The Cypress Room Restaurant

Executive chef Michael McKinnon from the Cypress Room at Island Vista Resort prepares hand-roasted flounder and crab roulade.

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“Hi, my name is Mike McKinnon. I’m the executive chef at the Cypress Room Restaurant here in the Island Vista Resort. Today I’m going to prepare hand-roasted flounder and crab roulade, and let’s get started with that right away.

“Going to prepare the filling for the flounder and crab roulade. We’re going to start with some roasted peppers – red and yellow – and some Murrell’s Inlet jumbo crabmeat. Some chopped chervil, chopped chives, salt, pepper and some extra virgin olive oil. Mix that up real nicely, and this is the filling for our flounder.

“We’re putting this crab salad in the middle of this fish here, and then we’re going to roll it up pinwheel style, just like that. Next we’ll take our flounder roulade and put it in this hot pan with the butter, along with some fresh bay leaf, fresh thyme. It gives it a real nice flavor. I think Murrell’s Inlet crabmeat is some of the best in the world. Flounder is one of my favorites fishes, been eating it since I was a kid here in Myrtle Beach.

“You want to get this nice and brown. This is a classical and low-country dish all in one. Classical meaning, the French way of wrapping up a fish like this, which is very reminiscent of a stuffed flounder. So, we’ll go to the oven with this.

“Now we’re going to prepare our tomato olive relish for this dish, and it begins with tomato concasse, which are diced tomatos. And these are Nisswa sliced olives. This is basil that has been cut into a chiffonade, fine ribbons. Zest of orange. Some chalets. Touch of garlic. Some olive oil. Touch of pepper, touch of salt. Just mix that up, and that’s our tomato olive relish.

“After about ten minutes, you remove the flounder from the oven, and just let it sit there for a minute while you finish your risotto. Only thing left to do for the risotto is add some Parmesan cheese. This is Italian, genuine, Parmesan reggiano. This is an herb butter that we make here. This is our Carolina Gold Rice Risotto that we serve with the flounder roulade.

“We’ll take our risotto and go right in the middle, just like that. We’ll decorate the outside of this plate with the yellow-pepper salsa I made earlier in the blender. And now we’re going to add our tomato olive relish around the outside like that. And now we’ll take our flounder and crab roulade and go on top of the risotto just like that.

“If you’re interested in trying some of our award-winning dishes, I encourage you to come dine with us at Island Vista Resort, Cypress Room Restaurant.”


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