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Chef’s Secrets Revealed

Chef's Secrets Revealed in Cypress Room Restaurant at Island Vista with Soft Shell Blue Crab. Learn how the chef at Cypress Room Restaurant on property at the Island Vista prepares Soft Shell Blue Crab Dinner.

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Hello and welcome to the Island Vista Resort, I am Executive Chef, Mike McKennan at the Cypress Room Restaurant.  Today I am going to be preparing sauteed Soft Shell Blue Crab with a basil, pecan aioli, and a spring citrus and strawberry salad for Chef's Secrets Revealed.  Let's go back in the kitchen and get started.

These are local soft shell crabs that I get from the Murrell's Inlet area.  What you want to do first is open them up like this and clean them out.  Now that they are ready to be cooked, cut that part off.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a unsalted butter.  I am going to dress the soft shell crab in a cornmeal with a little bit of flour, salt and white pepper.  I like to put it in the pan belly side up first.  Soft shell crab sometimes pop when they cook. They will cook for 3-4 minutes on each side.

Here at the Cypress Room I like to add a little bit of aromatics to the pan, I am adding fresh thyme and bay leaf this will give the crab a really nice flavor.

This is going to go into the oven for about 3-4 minutes.

These are the ingredients for the local strawberry and mandarin orange spring salad.  Take the strawberries and put them in this bowl along with our mandarin oranges along with a little bit of our basil extra virgin olive oil.  Stir that up.

Time to take the soft shell crab out of the oven, nice and golden brown and drain for just a minute on a paper towel.  Now we are ready to plate this up.  Take our basil pecan aioli on the plate just like this, take our soft shell crab just like that, around the edge of the plate a little bit of this beautiful salad and add our arugula grown fresh on John's Island.  Here we have our soft Shell Crab with Strawberry Citrus and fresh Arugula salad. 

Thank you for tuning in today, I am Executive Chef, Mike McKennan and I would like to invite everyone to try our cuisine here at the Cypress Room Restaurant.


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